Create Interactive 3-D Worlds
  • Spazz3D allows you to design and build 3-D scenes, and bring them to life by animating the geometry, and defining rules of interactivity, which can trigger lights, sounds, and animations.


Generates VRML 97 and AVI files
  • You can output your animations in AVI files, and you can create VRML 97 files that can be experienced over the web via VRML Browsers like Cosmo Player ( A standard Netscape Plugin).


See your animations in the included Spazz3D Screen Saver
  • Spazz3D includes a Windows Screen Saver that can show your worlds, or ours. Put your company logo on all you PCs.


Easy to use, intuitive Standard Windows 95 Interface
  • Since this application only runs on Windows 95 and NT, we were able to take advantage of the advanced GUI utilities to build a Standard Windows 95 Interface that you already know how to use. You'll be up and running in no time.


3-D Text
  • Spazz3D lets you create 3-D text with True Type Fonts and Fillets


Helpful Wizards
  • Spazz3D gives you wizards that will lead you by the hand to complete complex tasks such as creating animations and moving cameras.


Realistic 3D shading, lighting, and texture mapping
  • Spazz3D uses OpenGL graphics to render lifelike images. You can create directional lights, point lights, and spot lights. You can also map 2-D images on your 3-D geometry.


VRML 97 Browser Simulation Mode
  • Save time by testing your worlds right inside of Spazz3D without having to load up Cosmo or any other VRML Browser.
Run your animation in Browser Debug Mode
  • Single step as it records and presents all the activity. A complex animation can get very confusing. Spazz3D gives you the tools you need to figure out exactly what is happening, what caused it to happen, what it caused to happen, and when all this stuff happened.


Easy to Create Animations
  • It doesn't get much easier. We have taken a complicated task and made it simple. Define the position, rotation, and scale of your geometry at various points along a path. Sensors and Timers can trigger Animations, lights, sounds, and switches. We give you the tools you need to create the world in your imagination.


Intelligent Undo / Redo, and undo/redo history
  • It saves every detail of your most recent activities, and later consolidates the steps. Spazz3D will also create a list of the things that you did. You can traverse forward or backward through the list, undoing and redoing everything you did, undid, redid, unredid...


FTP Support
  • Spazz3D can automatically FTP you VRML 97 World file, and its dependent image and sound files to your Web Site


Context Sensitive Help
  • You won't be left in the dark with Spazz3D. Simply hit F1, and get help on the active property page, or the selected node. The Standard Windows Help on Context provides you with help on any menu item or tool icon.


Never Type a Number
  • Virtually all values can be manipulated by dragging the mouse. Of course, we also provide a way to type in the values.